Frontline Consulting Services

After more than seven years of building tools and supporting our users all over the world, we have developed unique expertise in the ways that mobile technologies can improve the way people communicate. We'll work with our users and partners to build on the functionality of the platform, strengthening the Frontline toolset for everyone.

Software customization

If a project requires functionality beyond the scope of our current feature set, our Nairobi-based software development team can be employed to build and develop the functionality needed. After an initial scoping exercise, we work with clients on a specification, and then provide a full estimation of how long it may take to build that functionality. Clients are billed on a daily basis, but according to the estimate agreed at the outset and we will offer regular updates on progress and remaining budget. Our developers build software using an Agile process, ensuring that clients are able to see progress as it happens, and be part of refining and approving outputs at every stage.

Dedicated technical support (either remote or in-country)

We offer dedicated technical support and software installation or configuration. Face-to-face or remote screen-sharing support sessions with our developers can be useful for IT staff to learn new features and technical aspects of the software or troubleshoot any issues. Our typical support agreement includes a 10-hour retainer paid upfront, with additional service time billed as used. Clients are eligible for a discount if they purchase a 10-hour retainer as a subscription. Per-hour support is ad hoc, but subscriptions allow room for clients to work with us to set the aims of what they want to achieve in the allotted time, enabling us to ensure project aims are prioritized – the minimum support is the number of hours paid for, but we won’t stop until we’ve met the deliverables we have agreed on.

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